In couples’ therapy, the problems faced in a relationship is discussed and tried to be solved.  One of the basic aims is to make the feelings/thoughts or actions more understandable by their spouses and strengthen the communication between them.  The methods to be used in couple’s therapy are determined according to the needs of the individuals; however, in general, the basic steps are similar.  After getting acquainted with the partners, the therapist helps to name and identify the feelings and recognize them.

After establishing the past and the current experiences affecting the feelings, in order to find solutions and ease the conflicts, the therapist starts working with the couples.  The emotional conduct, problem solving, conflict management skills of the couples are strengthened in order to be a better team.  Although individual participation to the sessions could be suggested by the therapist, usually the participation of both parties is expected.  The frequency of the sessions are decided on how often the couples need to visit; however, the ideal frequency of the sessions is once a week. The main topics that are visited in couple’s therapy are as the following:

– Repeating conflicts

– Emotional disconnection

– Infidelity

– Conflict management

– Managing the family relations

– Ability to draw healthy borders

– Pre marriage consultancy

– Divorce/separation phases etc.


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